Barco Fl32

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Barco Fl32

The FL32 series features solid state ReaLED technology for uncompromised performance offering a lifetime of no less than 100,000 hours for low total cost of ownership. Designed for mission critical applications such as 24/7 process control monitoring, and visualization and simulation, it is a high-performance projector.ReaLED™ for low total cost of ownershipThe ReaLED technology combines powerful LED lights – one per Red, Green, and Blue color – with our unique, patented optical design. ReaLED has a stable performance over its lifetime with consistent light output and accurate colors. Thanks to this unique technology, the FL32 does not require periodic lamp replacements and consumes minimal power.Enhanced image qualityWhen paired with single-chip DLP technology, ReaLED replaces the rotating color wheel, and increases the active color cycle with 24x per frame of content. In this way, it eliminates sequential color and processing artefacts and reduces color smear and blur for fast-moving images. Using three independent LED sources, the FL32s colors are razor-sharp. Primary colors are extremely precise, and LED technology provides a much larger, and more accurate colur gamut than any other lighting technology. Whats more, the FL32 features RealColor, making it possible to match any number of projectors, and ensure they all project the same primaries and grey scale.Optical color processing and calibrationAll color processing on the FL32 series is performed optically, and not electronically. That means that the actual light source is altered, and not the electronic source signal. Every FL32 projector features a number of pre-set optical color profiles, that offer accurate colors to any optical standard, for instance REC709 or SMPTE, without losing bit depth.Precise projection lensesThe FL32 series share its lens range of six different HD resolution projection lenses with the F32 series projectors. These high-quality lenses have a proven track record in resolution, performance to provide stunning image performance.Deep black levels and dynamic contrastOne of the unique features of the FL32 is the deep black levels the projector offers compared to standard lamp-based projectors. This is ideal for night-scene simulation, starfields, planetariums, and other types of content that rely on contrasting elements from a velvety black background. Whats more, the FL32 series can be configured and set up to dynamically adjusted levels to fit the histogram of the input, for an even higher contrast.Easy installationThe FL32 series can be installed in any orientation without affecting output or brightness. The FL32 series can also be installed in portrait mode for that increased vertical resolution without special attention to the angle of projection. Because it does not use lamps that need to warm up and cool down, the FL32 series can be switched on and off in a matter of seconds.Security and network manageableFully networkable, the vital projector settings and features can be controlled via the built-in web page, for remote asset management. The optional ProNet.Manager software can be used to manage, monitor, and control an unlimited number of projectors in a single site or across multiple sites. The ProNet.Installer version also handles color management, matching and performance over time.

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